Day 56 : 01 June 2009

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On an early morning train we returned to Temple 86, walking on to Temple 87 Nagaoji (Long Tail Temple).


















It was then on to our final Temple. We stopped at a very friendly henro information centre and museum where we received a certificate for P1010297walking and a badge in the form of a waymark. We were given a cup of tea and various other goodies to take with us.

There is a large relief model of the island of Shikoku, which shows how mountainous it really is.






We headed steeply up hill. It was a relief to once again be in forest after many weeks of urban walking.


Temple 88 Okuboji (Temple of the Large Hollow) is set among rugged hills, its old gardens lush and green.










P1010308 P1010310












There are many walking sticks, left here by henro who have finished their long journey. We were walking back to Temple 1 to complete the circle so chose to keep ours for a while longer.



We received a large box of red bean filled cakes near the Temple.


The Temple office gave us permission to camp at the bus stop outside. P1010329We asked the shop owners nearby as well just to make sure. It was ok with them as well. One shop owner brought over a bowl of sweet beans, which strangely enough went well with beer.

After 5pm when the shops shut, we set up the tent under the bus shelter.

(34.1903 N 134.2064 E)