Day 41 : 17 May 2009

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The route followed the coastline around to the east on this wet, dreary day. There was nowhere to sit out of the rain, so we had to eat our lunch sitting on the curb outside a supermarket at 10am during a break in the rain.

Another henro gave us some chocolates, which cheered us up.

As we were plodding along, heads down, a car approached us from behind. A kind lady handed us home made sushi and a bottle of warm tea. It was very much appreciated and lifted our spirits.

A procession passed, which apparently included acrobatic performances – a festival to celebrate the spring.

P1000923 P1000942




We stopped for the night at a park right on the beach just before Onishi. The rain continued with strong winds into the night.

(34.0629 N 132.9092 E)







Another noisy procession went by. Many men dressed in white, were carrying a large, brightly coloured, heavy shrine. They appeared quite drunk, weaving in and out of the traffic on the main highway.