Day 33 : 09 May 2009

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Jeff was surprised by a 10 cm centipede in his boot that morning.


We admired the beautifully kept gardens in front of the old houses as walked past, but the highlight of the day was the 200 metre ascent and descent on old footpath, through shady woods. No tunnel for us. We were passed by another happy henro, singing.


In Ozu City, a man on a bicycle stopped to give us osettai of Y1000. We are humbled by such generosity.

Another man, walking in the same direction, crossed the road to a convenience store where he purchased 2 bottles of cold water and returned to give them to us.


Somewhere along the way:






There is a statue under a bridge here of Kobo Daishi, sleeping. It is believed that could be asleep under bridges so pilgrims must not use their walking sticks when crossing so as not to wake him.








Two other young henro arrived to share the room.

(33.5317 N 132.5747 E)