Day 13 : 19 April 2009

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We didn’t have very far to walk to Temple 25 Shinshoji (Temple of the Illuminating Seaport)



To get to Temple 26 Kongochoji (Vajra Temple) there was another short but steep climb. 









There is not much flat land between the mountains and the sea, so the towns along the coastline are long and thin. P1000275We stopped for lunch in the antique street of Kiragawa Village, where there are well-preserved homes from the late 19th century, built to withstand the harsh coastal weather. Our restaurant was in one of these homes, the food delicate and delicious.

Hot and tired, we sat down to rest. Soon a lady came out of her house, she said we could fill our water bottles from her hose, went inside and returned with a cold jug of ice tea and 2 oranges for us.






We put the tent up in a park in Nahari.

(33.4253 N 134.0165 E)