Day 16 : 22 April 2009

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Our tent neighbour brought over 2 packets of coffee for us in the morning. We reciprocated with a boiled egg.





We began by zigzagging across a wide fertile flat valley, the air crisp and fresh after the rain of the day before.














We arrived at Temple 29 Kokubunji (The Official State Temple) partly hidden amongst pines and weeping trees.

P1000304 P1000301








Next it was Temple 30 Zenrakuji (Temple of Everlasting Joy) and the Shinto shrine across the road.







It was then into Kochi City, our second hotel, for a welcome bath after 11 days of camping. We chose a Japanese minshuku, Tosa Bekkan, a friendly family run hotel with tatami rooms and an onsen (hot bath) we could use together.






We made use of the coin washer and dryer before going out to try okonomiyaki (a huge pancake of cabbage, noodles and egg in batter, cooked at the table and eaten by cutting off little piece).

(33.5629 N 133.5485 E)