Day 57 : 02 June 2009

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A lady arrived at 6am to clean the toilets. We borrowed her broom to sweep up our area. We were about to give her some of our sweet cakes when she gave us more.




The road was deserted as we wound downhill in the quiet early morning, the silence only broken by a group of screeching monkeys.






We entered Tokushima prefecture once more, heading south out of the mountains, then east towards Temple 10. A lady came out of her house with an ice tea for us.




From Temple 10 we followed our path of 2 months before in reverse order. At Temple 9 we stopped for handmade udon in a little restaurant and were given some steamed sweet potato as osettai.














While resting at the Temple Jeff was boasting to 3 women about how far his walking stick had worn down. With that they each produced theirs, which were much shorter.

They had done the pilgrimage 2 times. We all laughed.






At Temple 8 we stayed in the same little hut in the parking lot.

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(34.1213 N 134.339 E)