Day 10 : 16 April 2009

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Feeling fit by now, we set off on Highway 55 between pine covered hills. Any flat land is filled up with houses and rice paddies. A loud chorus of croaks from the frogs could be heard as we passed.








The coloured manhole covers are a real work of art – this one depicting rice plants in this area.





In Mugi Town we stopped for a big bowl of udon with octopus balls then set off again, only to be stopped 300 metres later by 2 ladies in a tent waiting for the next henro to walk by. We had a choice of tea or coffee. We chose coffee, which arrived promptly with bright purple sweets made out of sweet potato, some steamed sweet potato and orange segments, which was then followed by tea. It was all so good we forced ourselves to eat it. We all laughed as both ladies tried to lift our heavy packs and failed.


At a rest hut further on we received a welcoming can of drink and a tomato from the owner’s garden.


P1000223 P1000227



Back on the coast again, we found a quiet little beach away from the road to set up camp for the night.

(33.5832 N 134.322 E)