Day 43 : 19 May 2009

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We attended the 6am chanting service at the Temple, after which we shared coffee with Taku and Yoshi. (Taku was the henro who had written the note for us to be able to buy petrol for our stove many weeks ago).




Back downhill we arrived at Temple 59 Kokubunji (Official State Temple) where there is a statue of Kobo Daishi that one can shake hands with. We received a washcloth each as osettai.

P1000971 P1000972


Trying to stretch out our walking time, we stopped early at a beautiful quiet beach a few kilometres off our route in Seto Naikai National Park. P1000975We had quite a hike downhill, only to find that we were supposed to pay for a campsite at the hotel up top. A kind man drove Jeff back up.


Such a lovely spot and not another person around.

(33.9863 N 133.0632 E)