Day 19 : 25 April 2009

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It was another very wet day. We packed up in the rain and set off early. It didn’t look like the rain was going to stop any time soon.




We were very close to Temple 36 Shoryuji (Temple of the Blue Green Dragon)








Walking for many kilometres high above the ocean on a cliff top road through the lush vegetation of the Yokonami Peninsula, at times we could see the dramatic coastline on both sides. There was no place to stop for a rest out of the rain so we walked and walked and walked.





By the time we reached Susaki City, the rain had stopped. We could not find anywhere to camp in the long, P1000379spread out city so opted for the Business Hotel Marutomi (near the Tosa-Shinjo railway station). The hot bath was a luxury before we went out to sample the local Nabeyaki Ramen, served in a stoneware bowl with a raw egg on top, delicious.

(33.387 N 133.2795 E)