Day 30 : 06 May 2009

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We began the day on a pleasant pathway beside a river, separated from the road by trees. We were surprised that the time went by so quickly.





A detour brought us through the prettiest little village of Tsushima on the other side of the river with its old wooden houses, built with first floor balconies and unusual windows. We appreciated it so much more being fresh in the early morning, as in the afternoon, tired we may have bypassed it.




When the road reached a long tunnel through the mountain, our path took us off to the left 200 metres over the top, passing a henro hut. Why take the easy way when you can take the hard one?


We did not regret it as we were once again plunged into cool, inviting forest, climbing beside a stream with a small waterfall. The leaf-strewn path was dappled with light filtering through the trees and wild irises were just starting to flower.

We arrived in Uwajima early. Being Golden Week, the only hotel we could get, Hotel Clement at the railway station, was expensive.

After an hours soak in the bath, we set off to find the laundry, which consisted of coin washers and dryers in someone’s garage. We were finding that we didn’t sleep as good in a bed any more as on the ground.





We love it, so it was okonomiyaki again for dinner (not very adventurous).

(33.2258 N 132.5677 E)