Day 55 : 31 May 2009

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Back on the road again, all clean and rested, we soon found ourselves climbing again to Temple 84 Yashimaji (Roof Island Temple). It has 2 gates leading to the main hall, which is a national treasure.  P1010262










Temple 85 Yakuriji (Eight Chestnuts Temple) is set among dramatic cliffs.

P1010282 P1010274



Downhill again, we arrived at Temple 86 Shidoji (Temple of Fulfilling One’s Wish). Our wish was not fulfilled, they would not let us camp in the parking lot of the Temple, instead told us to go back 2.5 kilometres and camp at the Michi no eki.

P1010285P1010287 P1010284


We did this, set up our tent and were cooking dinner, when an official arrived to tell us we could not camp.P1010289 Maybe that is what the sign in Japanese says.

We hastily packed everything up and caught a train back into Takamatsu and the Dormy Inn Hotel for another night.

(34.3369 N 134.0477 E)