Day 21 : 27 April 2009

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We woke up to 4 degrees, got into our thermal underwear and had our coffee in the tent.


Temple 37 Iwamotoji (Rocky Root Temple) where we were given 2 cans of hot coffee by the stamp office, which we were very grateful for. Jeff had a lesson in chanting the Heart Sutra.














While we were resting near a house with many statues and shrines, the owner emerged with 2 bananas and a cold 2 litre bottle of ice tea for us. We filled our small bottle, choosing not to carry the lot.

P1000402 P1000407





On Highway 56, we wound down through the mountains to the coast once more and set up camp in a lovely park near Saga-Koen Railway Station, high above the sea with picnic table and toilets nearby – a lovely spot.

(33.0658 N 133.108 E)