Day 9 : 15 April 2009

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The thunderstorm of the night before didn’t bother us, we were warm and dry in our tent. The day dawned bright and sunny. Before setting off we took advantage of spring water do some washing.

(A good washing machine is a dry bag filled with water, detergent and dirty clothes, sealed up and shaken a few times – works great). We set off with our wet washing hanging off the back of our packs with safety pins.






When we reached a crossroads on Route 55 where there was a choice in paths, another henro came by and told us the quieter but slightly longer Highway 25 via the coast was more beautiful. He was in a hurry so chose the quicker route but we opted for the scenic one.

P1000196(For safety while walking on the roads, we had cut up a bright yellow safety vest using the armhole over our heads forming a bib that could easily be slipped on as well as a piece of the same material with elastic straps to fit over our packs at the back).








We were not disappointed as we headed past the white sand beach of Tainohama Beach. There are many little huts along the way for resting.






In Kiki Town, a little fishing village, we encountered an old lady sitting under a plastic shelter just waiting for henro to pass. She had little packets of 10 x 5 yen pieces to give as osettai. She handed us each one, which we offered at the next Temple .  P1000191












Temple 23 Yakuoji (Medicine King Temple)

P1000201  P1000207 P1000203


P1000208  On the way.P1000210




We walked on to Yamagawachi train station in the hope of camping nearby but were refused permission. A lovely lady invited us to stay at her house but we felt uncomfortable doing this and did not want to inconvenience her. Instead she arranged for us to camp in a sports park nearby. A short while later she returned with a delicious dinner, beer and fruit. We would like to thank her very much for this generosity.

(33.7159 N 134.4849 E)