Day 20 : 26 April 2009

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Within an hour we were climbing steeply through shady pines and bamboo. When we reached the pass, an icy wind forced us to cut our rest short. A wide path meandered down the other side, soft underfoot from the fallen leaves.




In Tosa-Kure, we made a detour to the lively fish market.

In the afternoon we had another steep climb and it took some time looking for somewhere to sleep. We enquired at a convenience store. They gave us a bottle of ice tea and told us to go on to the next town.





Tired, we put up our tent on a little piece of flat ground beside a railway station that smelled of urine, a cold wind blowing forced us to eat and go to bed early. The station would have also been suitable as the doors could be closed, but trains arrived and left through the night and we wouldn’t have had much sleep.

(33.245 N 133.1613 E)