Day 24 : 30 April 2009

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Heading down towards Cape Ashizurimisaki, we were pleasantly surprised that our way marks took us off the car road to walk along the waters edge at times, then into dense forest to cross many streams by log bridges.















Jeff enjoyed a rest at a comfortable stop that someone had set up beside the road.






We arrived at Temple 38 Kongofukuji (Temple of Everlasting Happiness) early in the afternoon, a very large Temple complex with a pond in the centre. The trees are stunted from the wind and weather of the cape.

At the stamp office Jeff was given a lucky henro charm. He had lost his lucky frog the day before. A thoughtful man seeing me sitting further away bought the same charm and came over to give it to me as well as 2 packets of biscuits.






The Ashizurimisaki Lighthouse nearby stands 70 metres above the ocean.



We decided to continue around the cape via the longer route instead of backtracking as those on limited time were doing. We were in no hurry and wanted to see all of Shikoku that we could.




Whilst setting up our tent in a grassy park near a rest hut high above the ocean henro David arrived. He had found Jeff’s lucky frog and returned it!







Here is a prime position for sunset viewing.

(32.7301 N 132.9972 E)