Day 4 : 10 April 2009

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The day began with an hour of climbing followed by an hour of descending only to climb again to reach Temple 12 Shosanji (Burning Mountain Temple).


P1000113 P1000112


















At regular intervals along the forest path are small stone statues, each with a colourful apron and a bowl at their feet for offerings.

In the afternoon we were in for a big surprise, another steep descent, climb and finally a descent into another valley.




For osettai today we were given a free cup of tea at a teahouse, 10 mandarins and Jeff was given another cup of tea and 100 yen.





We camped on the banks of a river for the night halfway to the next Temple, going to bed at 6pm exhausted.  We should have done a bit more training before leaving home.

(34.0091 N 134.3759 E)