Day 18 : 24 April 2009

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Our henro friend, after doing his morning exercises was off before we had packed up.




We walked on minor roads through picturesque countryside, the farms with their rice paddies bigger now.


P1000354 P1000355









Temple 34 Tanemaji (Sowing Seed Temple)

P1000349 P1000348


Temple 35 Kiyotakiji (Clean Waterfall Temple is located high up on a hill, so we had the usual steep climb through shady forest to reach it. On arrival a fruit seller gave us some oranges.





We chatted with and had our photo taken with people visiting the Temple, including a retired English teacher and his wife, who walk up to the Temple every day for exercise.








We soon found ourselves back on the coast and stopped at a beautiful park by a sandy beach under the Usa-Ohashi Bridge to put up the tent for the night (a favourite). As we ate our dinner, we watched the fishing boats going out for the night.

(33.439 N 133.4415 E)