Day 17 : 23 April 2009

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Another perfect early morning to set off through the quiet streets of Kochi and into the countryside again, through forest and past a Botanical Gardens to Temple 31 Chikurinji (Bamboo Forest Temple) where a man handed us his gold name card, which meant that he had done the pilgrimage between 50 and 99 times.

The shady grounds were covered with a bright green moss. We were given a sweet by another walking henro and were on our way.

P1000323 P1000322P1000321

There was a bit of panic when I looked back and Jeff was nowhere to be seen. I had turned down some steps while he had walked straight on with his head down. We eventually found each other.


Near Sejido-ike Pond was a little shed where a lady was making lunch boxes. We indicated that we wanted 2 and she let us try everything before adding it to the box. When she found out we were from Australia, she began screaming with delight, telling us something we didn’t understand and added a bit more food, as well as giving us 2 pieces of fried fish.


We gave her one of our name cards for the Temples, which she put on a different wall of her shop than all the other name cards already there.The lunch was delicious, enough for dinner as well.


There was another climb to Temple 32 Zenjibuji (Temple of Chan Masters Peak).P1000330











Following a free ferry ride across Uradowan Bay, short walk took us to Temple 33 Sekkeiji (Snowy Cliff Temple) where we were given permission to sleep the night in the free accommodation in the Temple grounds.P1000336



After the Temple closed, a few locals came to pray. We chatted with Fumie Kachi, a 76 year old lady who spoke perfect English and had been in Nebraska USA where Pam had gone to school.


On dusk, a 74 year old walking henro arrived looking for somewhere to sleep but was hesitant to use the free place as we were there. Jeff assured him it was big enough for us all and received a big hug in return. We shared our food at dinner and again at breakfast. He was very fit and said he had walked the Camino Santiago in Spain. He was doing the 1200 kilometres in 45 days (we took 56). He was putting up way marking stickers as he went along.







(33.5005 N 133.5431 E)