Day 12 : 18 April 2009

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Still on Highway 55, we headed towards Cape Muroto along the coastline.

P1000240  P1000246a

We had to stop at a little village to buy supplies and while waiting for the shop to open we sampled some grilled chicken from a stall across the road.



We were given as osettai a fat pancake filled with sweet red bean paste, still warm.

At the shop we bought a prepared rice box for our lunch later, the rice, prawns and shredded egg artfully arranged.







Off the coat we saw some large rocks, two of which were joined by thick rope. They are known as the Married Couple Rocks.

We had both developed more blisters and the tedium of 3 days walking on the same highway was beginning to tire us.




Finally a short, steep climb through forest right at the end of Cape Muroto bought us to Temple 24 Hotsumisakiji (Cape Temple).

P1000251 P1000250 P1000253 P1000252




Following around the cape to the west, we plodded on, looking for somewhere to camp. It took a while, but we found a wonderful place with toilets, shelter shed, lots of grassy area and a new enclosed bus depot. Spoiled for choice, we opted for the bus shelter not realising that a bus was due late that night. Nevertheless, we soon went back to sleep.

(33.269 N 134.1604 E)