Day 38 : 14 May 2009

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You can buy anything from vending machines, even fresh eggs.






We only had a short walk into Matsuyama, visiting Temple 49 Jodoji (Pure Land Temple) set in bamboo forest.

P1000840 P1000852



Temple 50 Hantaji (Temple of Great Prosperity). Its bell was made in 1696.

P1000857 P1000855


Temple 51 Ishiteji (Stone Hand Temple), is a very large complex, and second busiest of the 88 Temples.

P1000861P1000860 P1000864 P1000865



A newly married couple emerged near the Dogo Onsen as we passed on our way into Matsuyama.



We stayed at the Matsuyama Youth Hostel on a hill near Dogo Onsen in a large tatami room. It was a good location.

(33.8495 N 132.7904 E)