Day 51 : 27 May 2009

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We had another stroll around Temple 75 in the early morning before the crowds.



Temple 76 Konzoji (Golden Storehouse Temple)

P1010182P1010181 P1010180


Temple 77 Doryuji (Temple of the Arising Way) We were given a can of juice as osettai here and biscuits from a group of bus henro.

P1010192 P1010188 P1010190


Temple 78 Goshoji (Temple of Illuminating Local Site)



Temple 79 Tennoji (Emperor’s Temple) has a shrine next to it.



We walked on back lanes, passing people going about their daily life on the farms and city streets.







Although we were planning to use a rest hut up ahead to sleep, and it turned out to be a most welcoming place for henro to rest complete with outdoor toilet and a fridge full of cold ice tea and oranges, it was in someone’s back yard.

This man must have been a henro himself for he had placed 3 tatami mats under a nearby bridge for henro to sleep on.

That is where we camped.P1010202

(34.3039 N 133.9107 E)