Day 28 : 04 May 2009

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We woke to the sound of rain on the tent. Luckily we were near the bridge and could cook breakfast and pack up out of the rain.



Walking in heavy rain gear through dark forest the path took us high above the town. The path became steeper and by the time we reached the top of the hill we were saturated from sweat, not rain. At the top we entered Ehime Prefecture.














Temple 40 Kanjizaiji (Temple of the Kannon). We were given oranges and some postcards of the Temple.






We found a park a short way from the Temple to put up the tent. It had a table under a pergola covered with flowering wisteria. Jeff, taking advantage of a nearby shop and not having to carry heavy food, came back with dumplings, udon and a massive jug of beer.

(32.964 N 132.5519 E)