Day 15 : 21 April 2009

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It rained heavily all night and continued as we packed up our tent and set off.



We walked many kilometres on a cycle road away from traffic and at times along the coast, stopping at a welcoming henro hut for a rest.

A lady ran after us out of breath, worried that we had missed the rest hut. She told us to pick up some oranges that had fallen from a laden tree. She even washed them off for us, before stuffing them into the back of our packs.



The rain had stopped by the time we reached Temple 28 Dainichiji (The Great Sun Temple) where another walking henro gave us a small bun each.





The Temple office gave us permission to put up our tent in the parking lot. We were soon joined by a car henro who put his tent up next to ours. We shared some of our cooked potatoes and he reciprocated with some sake.

(33.5769 N 133.7056 E)