29th July 2011

Leaving Oaxaca [13] the scenery to the north changed dramatically. Tall cactus plants like dead tree trunks grew straight up above the surrounding bushes.


On advice from a local we stopped at Tehuacán [15], a pleasant provincial town, to visit the nearby Biosphere Reserve. A surreal forest of cactus, many endemic and some endangered, thrives here due to the moisture starved air. The adjoining pueblo of Zapotitlán Salinas has 2 fine churches.


The province of Puebla has a seasonal specialty in July and August, Chiles en Nogada. It is an amazing dish of chillies stuffed with shredded meat and dried fruit, smothered in a walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. The flavours explode in the mouth. Too bad we will not be here for the other seasonal specialty, goat stew – in October and November.


The scenery changes north of Oaxaca ...

... it is much dryer

Divorced eggs for breakfast

Cathedral at Tehuacán

Town hall, built in 1804 in the Moorish style

Huarache - not a sandal, but tortillas toped with pumpkin flowers, cheese, mushrooms & beans

Ex-convento El Carmen

El Calvario

Marimba player on the sidewalk

Chiles en Nogada - chille stuffed with shredded meat & dried fruits with a walnut sauce

The church at San Antonio Taxcala decorated for a celebration

Church at Zapatitlán Salinas

Another church at Zapatitlán

Biosphere Reserve for cactus plants

Elephant´s Foot