Florianópolis & Curitiba

02nd October 2010

Florianópolis [7] on Brazil´s southern coast is the gateway to Santa Catarina Island.  In the historical centre of the city is a well preserved colonial church from 1750, the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Rosário as well as a former governor´s palace.


Ilha de Santa Catarina has some beautiful beaches and tiny fishing villages where fishermen of Azorian descent still make a living from the sea.  We began in the southern part of the island with a hike to the picturesque lighthouse of Praia dos Naufragados followed by feed of succulent oysters on the dock at Ostradamus in the fishing village of Ribeirao da Ilha.  Fishing boats dot the beach at Pantano do Sul on the island´s south east coast.  There is a lovely walk partway around Lagoa de Conceição from the town of Lagoa.


Curitiba [8] lies inland at about 900 metres above sea level.  It has a small, pedestrian only, cobble stoned old centre with beautifully restored buildings.  Every day since 1885 the Serra Verde Express train click clacks down the jungle covered mountain to the tiny village of Morretes on the banks of the Rio Nhundiaquara.  The culinary specialtyhere  is barreado, a rib-sticking meat stew cooked in a clay pot. 


Click on the numbers above to see where the places are on the map.


Colonial palace in Floripa

Church from1750 in Floripa

Floripa´s central market

Santa Catarina Lighthouse

Bird fishing

On the beach

Mural of the Portuguese church at Ribeirao da Ilha

Biggest and best oysters since Knysna (South Africa)

Fishing boats

Church at Lagoa

Around the lake

Portuguese church in Curitiba

Black and white paving in Curitiba reminds us of Lisbon


Train to Morretes descends through the jungle

Strange looking arcania pines

Marumbí train station