Cultural Triangle – Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura was the first ancient kingdom and capital of Sri Lanka. It prospered from about 300BC until 1100AD.

By 500AD, 5000 monks lived here. The scale of this UNSECO World Heritage listed site is incredible. We spent hours exploring the stupas, Buddhist shrines and monuments.

The biggest of the white Stupas at Anuradhapura

Bride and groom in traditional wedding dress

Moonstone at the bottom of steps shows the endless life and reincarnation cycle

Steps are guarded by dwarves

The lion, a symbol of strength, is on the Sri Lankan flag

Elaborately carved guard stone holds the steps in place

Buddha carved from a single stone was once covered in gold

Giant reclining Buddha

Lady making delicious banana rotis on a makeshift stove

The world’s oldest tree – from a branch of the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment

Imagine 5000 red robed monks coming here to bathe

120 meters tall and containing almost 100 million bricks, this is the world’s largest brick building: the 3rd largest structure in the ancient world, after the pyramids

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