Colombo is the commercial and administrative capital of Sri Lanka; a city of contrasts from the quiet tree lined embassy district with its colonial buildings to the bustling modern traffic snarled streets.

But we were here for the lampries, the only traditional Sri Lankan dish we hadn’t yet tried. Anton rang ahead to the Dutch Burgher Union to put in our lunch order. Lampries (Dutch for “Lump of Rice”) are much more than a mixture of curry and rice wrapped in a banana leaf . There is a multitude of flavors – rice cooked in stock; eggplant curry; pork, beef, and mutton curry; some sambal; a paste made with dried fish, onions, lime, salt and spices – all steamed in a banana leaf and delicious!

Lampries – rice and various curries steamed in a banana leaf – our new favourite Sri Lankan food

An old colonial club house in the embassy district

Making manioc chips at a street stall on the Green by the Indian Ocean – they taste great!

The venerable Veranda Bar at the Galle Face Hotel (1864) where we stayed

Sun sets into the Indian Ocean on our last night in Sri Lanka

Anton got up early in the morning to make us these delicious rotis before driving us to the airport


And so our trip to Sri Lanka comes to and end. Thanks to Exotic Lanka Holidays for organizing it all.

And especially thanks to Anton – our wonderful driver, guide, companion and teacher for the last two weeks.

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