Camino Mozarabe


From Merida we took the train to Caceres for a night in order to catch the afternoon bus to Guadalupe the next day.  

We had walked the Via de la Plata from Sevilla through Merida to Caceres in the spring of 2007. Click here for the photos of Caceres.

The main square and old Cáceres from our balcony – see above for more of the city

Our best meal – a piglet slow cooked in a wood fired oven at Asador La Tahona restaurant in Caceres

Torta del Casar – a strong smelling soft cheese from Casar near Cáceres

On the way to Guadalupe we passed by Trujillo, next time we will stop (photo taken by Ardo Beltz)

The Royal Monastery of Guadalupe  has been a site of pilgrimage since the 14th century. After Columbus reached America in 1492, he returned to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe to give thanks for granting him a safe voyage.

Monastery of Guadalupe – Columbus came here with 2 “Indians” who were baptised in this fountain

Inside the Monastery – 14th century Moorish arches and Gothic turrets

We stayed in a hostal in the old Jewish quarter beyond the arch

A tapa of migas – fried breadcrumbs with pieces of pork, a typical dish of Extremadura