Camino Mozarabe

Monterrubio to Mérida

Monterrubio to Castuera (19.2 km)

Old and gnarled oak trees of Extramadura

Castuera streets were decorated with crochet

Castuera to Campanario (19.9 km)

This is called Senda del Puente de Hierro – Walk of the Iron Bridge

Spring flowers
Fields of flowers


Sheep on the road – there’s some very nice sheep’s cheeses here

There’s a few stones like this on the way to Campanario

From Campanario we took a small train to Villanueva de la Serena (off Camino) for a night

The old soap factory at Villanueva de la Serena

Storks nesting on Villanueva’s San Francisco church tower

We had the most delicious Extremeña wine, nice name too – Blue Tongue

Villanueva de la Serena to Medellín (16.1 km)

Church of San Francisco (1575) at dawn in Villanueva

White Cross Bar opening at 8 am

Iglesia Santiago Apostol (16 – 17th century) Don Benito

Arab castle, 3 medevial churches, a Roman theater and a 17th century bridge – Medellín

Medellin’s Roman theater and Church of Santiago

Iglesia de San Martín Obispo, 13th century, built on top of a Roman temple

Iglesia de Santa Cecilia, early 16th century, now has at least 8 stork nests on top

One of the storks

Puente de los Austrias, built 1630 over a Roman bridge – 400 m long, 28 arches crosses the Guadiana

Hernán Cortés, Conquistador of Mexico, was born in Medellin in 1485

Medellin to Santa Amelia (8.7 km)

Crossing a Roman bridge

Wildflowers under a cork tree

Dressed for the Santa Amelia fair

Horses parade through Santa Amelia on the last day of the annual fair

Santa Amelia to San Pedro de Merida (19.9 km)

Wayside cross at Torrefresnada, halfway to San Pedro de Merida

The last Visigoth king hid from the invading Moors here

House in San Pedro

San Pedro de Merida to Merida (16.1 km)

A glorious day begins in Extremadura and we’re already on our way to Merida

Enroute we passed the 16th century parish church in Trujillanos

3 weeks and 400 km after leaving Granada we arrived in Merida – Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Antigua

Here is proof – the Credencial

And to celebrate, a bottle of local Via de la Plata Cava







We had walked the Via de la Plata from Sevilla through Merida in the spring of 2007.


Click here for the photos of Merida.