The Ledendary Silk Road



Day 1 Welcome to Ashgabat

Day 2 Ashgabat and Ancient Nisa

Day 3 Merv, the Ancient Pearl of the East

Day 4 Bukhara, the Noble

Day 5 The Samanid Mausoleum

Day 6 From Bukhara to Khiva

Day 7 From the Pages of 1001 Nights

Day 8 Samarkand, the Ancient

Day 9 Samarkand, the Magnificent

Day 10 Shahrisabz, the Mighty

Day 11 Tashkent, the Green Oasis

Day 12 Nomad’s Pilgrimage Center: Turkistan

Day 13 Almaty—The Father of Apples

Day 14 Almaty—An Epic Journey Comes to an End




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Thanks to Flower Travel in Australia for organizing our journey
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