Camino Mozarabe

Granada to Córdoba

We followed these arrows 19.7 km through Granada and then a couple of villages to Pinos Puente the first day (helped by GPS).


There’s some great graffiti on the way.

Graffiti 1
Graffiti 2
Graffiti 3


Camino Mozarabe marker in the fields enroute to Pinos Puente

The bridge at Pinos Puente was built in the 10th century

Pinos Puente to Moclín (13.4 km)

Abandoned house at Bucor

400 meters up in 3 km to Moclín = wonderful views

Moclín Castle built the thirteenth century to defend the Moorish Kingdom of Granada

Moclín to Alcalá la Real (21.8 km)

Watch towers were positioned on high ground to warn of approaching enemy

Fuente Malalmuerzo (Bad Lunch Fountain)

We picked up some delicious sheep & goat milk cheese at a roadside shop

Alcalá la Real castle marked the border between the kingdoms of Granada and Castile for over 150 years

Looking back on an early morning departure from Alcalá

Alcalá la Real to Alcaudete (23.4 km)

Alcaudete Castle, built by the Arabs and taken by the Christians in 1085

Church of Santa Maria built in the 15th century below the castle, several styles are evident

Alcaudete, nestled in the Sierra Sur

Alcaudete to Baena (24.8 km)

Nothing but olive trees …

… for Nuñez de Prado unfiltered olive oil

Baena to Castro del Río (19.9 km) – must mention the Hospedería del Carmen, a 16th century Carmelite Convent converted to a hotel where we stayed in Castro.

And there’s more …. olive trees

Castro del Río, settled since prehistoric times was Moorish until reconquered in 1240

We spent the night at Hospedería del Carmen, a 16th century Convent

Castro del Río to Santa Cruz (22.7 km)

Espejo, halfway to Santa Cruz

Roman bridge across the stream below Espejo

Santa Cruz to Córdoba (would have been 25.9 km, but …)

After 5 km we were stuck in mud so had to walk back to Santa Cruz …

… where the Hostal Casa Jose owner kindly drove us to Córdoba