The Ledendary Silk Road



After a night on the train we arrived at Khiva, a well-preserved mud-walled city established in the beginning of the Christian era and once a major slave trading center. Noah’s son Shem found water here and called it “Kheyvak” which became Khiva. There are still over 3000 people living inside the walls.

Rebuilt city walls of Khiva

Kheyvak Well where Noah’s son Shem found water

Unfinished minaret begun in 1851 was intended to be 210m high

This former Medressa (Islamic school) is now a hotel

A street in Khiva

19th century Summer Mosque inside Kuhna Arc – fortress and residence of the ruler

This minaret, completed 1910, like a lighthouse helps travellers find Khiva

The Mihrab, a niche in Mosques that faces Mecca

1000 year old Juma Mosque supported by 221 beautifully carved wooden pillars

Harem Wing of the Palace which had 150 rooms and 9 courtyards

Beautiful turquoise dome of a Mausoleum

We arrived back on the train after a hard days sightseeing to a vodka tasting!