29th August 2011

We timed our arrival in Zacatecas [28] for the annual Traditionales Morismas de Bracho, re-enactments of battles between the Moors and Christians from old Spain, performed here for over 300 years. More than 11,000 people dressed in medieval attire paraded through the streets before battling it out over 3 days on a nearby hillside until the Christians finally claim victory.  Click here for a short video of the parade.


Zacatecas, in the north central highlands at 2400 metres was once an important silver mining town and is well deserving of its World Heritage status. Attractive pink stone buildings and churches with ornate church bell towers and domes line the streets of the colonial heart. From the lovely central Hotel Terrasse we could cover all the sights on foot.


In the ruins of the Convent of San Francisco, the Museo Rafael Coronel displays over 3000 ritual masks, dating from pre-Hispanic to contemporary, from all over Mexico.


Zacatecas Cathedral

Carving on the Cathedral side doorway

Church dome through the window of Terrasse Hotel

Templo de Santo Domingo, formerly Jesuit

Templo de San Agustin

Detail above the side door of Templo de San Agustin

Balconies in the pink stone


Old pink stone theatre - Teatro Calderón

Fuente de los Faroles (fountain of the street lamps)

Assado de Boda from nearby Jerez - pork with oranges, chocolate, chilli and spices

Zacatecas stuffed chillies

Gordita (Fatty) - stuffed tortilla

Donkey bringing honey wine made from cactus to town

Ruins of ex-Convento San Francisco

Detail of the ceiling of the Convento

There are 3000 ceremonial masks ...

... in the Museo Rafael Coronel

11,000 people, dressed as Christians and Moors, filled the streets

The Christians march ...

... followed by the Moors ...

... off to battle with their provisions on their backs

The whole family gets involved

A family of Turks goes to the battle

Christian drummers

Charlemagne´s knights

Charlemagne´s horsemen


Statue of John the Baptist

Let the battle begin

Two soldiers in the battle