La Paz, Baja California

30th September 2011

Baja California is a very different part of Mexico, hot and dry. Although it was “discovered” by Hernán Cortés in 1535 and the Jesuits founded the first mission in 1697, the desert peninsula was never colonised by the Spanish to any extent. We flew into scorching hot La Paz [36] and immediately took shelter in the air conditioned hotel room waiting for the cool breeze of the evening when the locals appear on the Malecón which runs around the bay. Many restaurants and bars along the shore provide views of the famous Baja sunsets. After 2 years, we were ready for a real Chinese meal and we enjoyed the Restaurant Nuevo Pekín so much we went back again the next night!


We took a boat trip to the nearby rugged Espiritu Santo Island in the Sea of Cortes.  It is treeless and rocky with many different faces. After snorkelling with a colony of sea lions we stopped at a white sand beach for lunch. On the way back, a large pod of dolphins followed the boat; one leaping high into the air, splashing down heavily.


The Malecón at La Paz overlooks the Sea of Cortés

Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Paz

Espiritu Santo Island ...

... 30 kilometres from La Paz ...

... has many different faces

Sea bird on the Island

We went snorkelling with the Sea Lions ...

... in crystal clear water

Two dolphins followed our boat

Inside a rocky cave looking out

Map of Australia Island (?)

A mask in the cliff face

Pelicans resting in the warm water

Nesting Frigate Bird drying his wings

A dolphin splashes down

The big Baja sun sets on the way back to La Paz