Before leaving Honduras we visited the colonial hill towns of Santa Rosa de Copán [6] and Gracias [7]. A scenic road twisting through green countryside links the two. Men dressed in checked shirts, boots and cowboy hats are everywhere.


It is always entertaining travelling on rural buses, they never fill up – there is always room for one more. People get on to sell stuff, like worm medicine (complete with pictures and guaranteed to kill every known intestinal parasite). They make their sales pitch at full volume and at high speed. It goes on and on. People listen, and some actually buy. Ladies will hold someone else´s baby on their lap so they don´t have to give up their seat. Three bums fit in a two bum seat.


We have been enjoying eggs ranchero for breakfast, fried eggs with a spicy tomato sauce served with refried beans, cheese and a corn tortilla, yum. Another favourite is a baleada, a flour tortilla spread with refried beans and a variety of other fillings then folded over, cheap and satisfying. The best meals are from vendors cooking on the plaza and eating with the locals.


Cathedral at Santa Rosa de Copán


Like father, like son

Eggs ranchero


The best food is cooked outside

Iglesia San Marcos at Gracias

Iglesia Las Mercedes at Gracias - remains of colored sawdust from Semana Santa on the path

Cobbled street at night