Camino Mozarabe

A Gudiña to Ourense

A Gudiña to Campobecerros (20.5 km)

Berza (a type of kale) grows 2m high and makes delicious soup

Caldo Gallego, Galician kale soup with beans and chorizo is one of our favorites

A mountain village from the Camino which follows the ridges

The Encoro das Portas dam was completed in 1974

The high speed train line works near Campobecerros have disrupted the Camino

Santiago, patron of Campobecerros

Campobecerros to Laza (15.4 km)

Another fantastic day walking

Friends of the Camino Ultreia- As Eiras have a wayside rest spot for pilgrims

Clear water in the river on the way in to Laza

A Peliqueiro mask – Laza has the world’s oldest Carnival – we’ll be back!

Laza to Vilar de Barrio (21.4 km)

Iglesia de Soutelo Verde (1813) on the river near Laza

El Rincón del Peregrino – every passing pilgrim’s name is on a shell

Another climb – about 500 meters up to the top …

… then down into Vilar de Barrio

Our first sighting of a hórreo – an elevated, ventilated grain storge

This is what a Galician Albergue looks like inside, clean and tidy

Vilar de Barrio to Xunqueira de Ambía (13.8 km)

These hórreos are huge

We liked the window and door on this old house in Boveda

Coffee (donation for pilgrims) at Bobabala with the Korean pilgrim we kept meeting

One of the best days

Into the forest
Out into the open
Over the rocks
Into the forest again


Went to Xunqueira de Ambía market for lunch – bread and a bottle of wine, sausages and ribs

The other choice, pulpo (octopus) looked good too

Santa María de Xunqueira de Ambía dates from 1164

Xunqueira de Ambía to Ourense (22.9 km)

Crossing a stream on the way out of Xunqueira de Ambía in the dark

Ourense Cathedral (1220) has an octagonal Gothic tower

Carving on the Cathedral – possibly Santiago