Mar 6 2013

The Cape has a Mediterranean climate, good for grapes, but dry and brown while we were there.  In contrast, sub-tropical Durban gets its rain in summer and is lush and green, almost jungle like.  Katie & Chantelle live in Umhlanga (pronounced “Oomm-shlunga”) which is 15 kilometres north of the city of Durban, in an apartment at the Gateway shopping centre the largest mall in the southern hemisphere.  It is a clean, modern and safe area and a nice beach with a 2.3 kilometre paved promenade is nearby.
The first weekend we drove 2 hours south to the Obiri George to stay in a log cabin built over a pond on a small game reserve at Lake Eland.  None of us wanted to try the bungee jumping or zip lines over the 1 kilometre wide George; could not even manage to cross the suspension bridge!

Umhlanga Rocks lighthouse with Durban in the background

Sundowners at the most upmarket colonial hotel with a view

1/4 mutton Bunny Chow – curry in a hollowed out loaf of bread

Obiri George – 4 kilometres long, 1 kilometre wide

We couldn’t even make it across the suspension bridge

Anyone for bungee jumping?

There is no chicken exit!

Katie and Chantelle braving the overhanging rock

Our log cabin over the water

Jeff making braai South African style …

… the end result