Mar 4 2013

Paternoster, about 2 hours drive north-west of Cape Town is a small, tranquil, fishing village on the Atlantic. These days it is occupied by classy white washed self-catering cottages, but the charm remains – no high rise, a few restaurants, one bar and one small shop.
On route we stopped at Darling, another wine producing town, to pick up a few bottles of the local whites to help wash down the lobsters, in season at Paternoster. There are strict rules regarding fishing and selling lobsters with a fine of $200 for each lobster plus confiscation of your vehicle if caught taking lobster out of Paternoster. Better eat them fresh right here then!
North of Paternoster is a conglomeration of fish factories and housing developments along the beaches, but the estuary of the Berg River was teaming with water birds. Fishermen were bringing in their catch of small fish which are dried in the sun. The West Coast National Park with lots of bird life lies to the south of and made a nice day trip.

Paternoster with its fishing boats

Some of the art work on the walls of our cottage

Jacobs Bay in the early morning fog

A homestead in the West Coast National Park, great fish lunch here

The shallow Langebaan Lagoon is home to an enormous number of birds

This part of the world is on turtle time

A sandy beach in the Langebaan Lagoon

Meals on wheels – home cooked lobsters delivered for $12 each

Flamingos and ducks feeding in estuary of the Berg River …

… and freshly caught fish hanging up to dry in the sun