Jeju Olle


The Jeju Olle Trail was founded by ex-journalist Suh Myung-suk. After she walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, Suh Myung-suk was so impressed and inspired that she decided to create a similar hiking trail on her home island of Jeju. She started the process of discovering and creating hike-able routes on the island and first trail was opened in September 2007. Today, twenty-one Olle trails totalling about 450 kilometres ring the mainland coast; plus five auxiliary routes that cover smaller islands.

Olle is a word in the old Jeju dialect referring to the narrow path between a house, the street and the next village. It implies place of meeting, a feeling of welcome and exploration – sounds perfect!

Thanks to the Official Site of Korean Tourism for the information above.

Here is the Jeju Olle Official English Guide.

For the Jeju Olle Foundation, click here.

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