Vilariño de Conso

Vilariño de Conso

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Vilariño de Conso is a small village (pop 535) about an hour and a half drive from Laza.

Entroido (Carnival) marks the end of winter and announces the arrival of spring and with it the plant explosion, the fertility of the fields and the beasts.  In this ancient tradition, the Fulión, a group of people playing drums and scythes, represents the desire to scare away fear, to chase away the eternal nights and announce that spring is coming again with new life.

This year the main Entroido day was on Saturday so we were able to go to see their unique traditional Boteiros, the leaders of the Fulión.

In each village of the municipality there is a Fulión, and Boteiros who wear different types of masks according to the locality from which they come.

Galician gaitas (bagpipes) to start the day
The Boteiro pushes back the crowd to allow room for his …
… Folión (group of deafening drummers)
Boteiro’s mission is to keep the spectators away, making great leaps over a short colored pole
Twelve cowbells clink when the bouncer jumps
Different Botieros from different villages have different “screens” on their heads
Satin ribbons are sewn to form colorful patterns, using 1,000 meters of tape